Kansas Democrats File Third Lawsuit

Democrats in Kansas filed a third lawsuit against a congressional redistricting law enacted by the Republican-controlled Legislature, arguing that it aimed to “practically void” Democratic votes in the liberal enclave of Lawrence.

Four Democrats from Lawrence filed the lawsuit in Douglas County District Court, claiming that the new law violates the Kansas Constitution.

The new map moved Lawrence from the 2nd District of northeast Kansas into the 1st District of central and western Kansas.

The U.S. Supreme Court declared in 2019 that partisan gerrymandering is a political issue, and not for the federal courts to resolve.

That still leaves the question of whether state courts might declare that the Kansas Constitution separately bars gerrymandering.

The latest lawsuit and two others filed last month ask for just such a ruling.

Republican Attorney General Derek Schmidt already has filed a petition with the Kansas Supreme Court, asking it to declare that gerrymandering isn’t an issue for the state courts.