Kansas Dept of Labor Warns of Fake Texts

If you receive a text message from the Kansas Department of Labor, what should you do? According the Kansas Department of Labor, you should delete it.

The Kansas Department of Labor says there’s a phishing scam out there where it looks like the KDOL is sending you a text with a link.

The text says that it’s the KDOL texting, and would you please fill out a survey so they can do a better job.

Below the text is the official KDOL logo, which you press to – supposedly – take you to the survey.

Don’t click any links, and just delete the text – it is not from the KDOL.

The agency is investigating this fraudulent text now.

Kansas, along with every other state, is seeing a spike in Identity Theft related to Unemployment Claims.

If you or somebody you know has been the victim of this scam, please report it at ReportFraud.ks.gov.

As a reminder, KDOL will never ask for your full Social Security Number.

They will only ask for the last four digits, or the Claim ID, when referencing your issue.