Kansas doing okay when it comes to ID theft, fraud risk

The personal finance website WalletHub released Wednesday its report on the states it sees as most vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.

“Kansas has the sixth-least amount of identity theft and fraud, that’s out of all fifty states,” said analyst Jill Gonzalez. “Obviously, something to be proud of. We looked at identity theft and fraud and also the policy behind both of those things.”

The data set ranges from identity-theft complaints per capita to average loss amount due to fraud.

“The policy here has to do with security free laws, the identity theft passport program, compliance with the REAL ID Act, data disposal laws and the presence of statewide cybersecurity task forces,” said Gonzalez.

It appears areas of the country that are farther from cities are doing better right now.

“There are a lot of rural states toward this side of the rankings and a lot of aging states, as well, where you see the same thing,” said Gonzalez. “Places like North Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma and West Virginia are all doing relatively well here.”

WalletHub offers an Identity Theft Guide and free credit monitoring to help consumers handle or prevent the damaging effects of cybercrimes.