Kansas is fighting the compensation claim of a man who spent 23 years in prison for a double homicide before a judge vacated his convictions, which were secured despite a complete lack of physical evidence and motive tying him to the crimes.

Lamonte McIntyre’s case was one of three that helped prompt the state last year to allow the wrongfully convicted to seek compensation.  When signing that bill into law, then-Governor Jeff Colyer publicly apologized to McIntyre and the other men.

The state attorney general’s office supported the other two men’s petitions for compensation and a declaration of innocence, but it issued a statement saying it couldn’t do so for McIntyre because it found “the record of prior judicial proceedings” in his case to be “insufficient.”  It said it will be up to the court to decide and recommended that the court deny McIntyre’s claim.

McIntyre’s lawyer blasted the move, saying the attorney general’s office could conduct its own investigation into McIntyre’s case.

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