Kansas drivers are still doing well when it comes to what they pay at the pump.

“Prices in Kansas are still really great,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “We’re at $1.96 a gallon, which this week is fourth cheapest in the country. We’re about 30 cents less than the national average and even down a cent from last week.”

Only eight states have seen prices go up this week.

“Last week, we actually saw a pretty big spike in demand for gasoline across the country,” said Steward. “It was the highest that it’s been since the 2018 Labor Day weekend.”

The middle of the country is seeing some of the least expensive gas prices overall.

“A lot of our neighbors are right there in line,” said Steward. “The cheaper states than us are Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Texas isn’t that far behind. Colorado, actually has a pretty rare position in the top 10 of cheapest gas prices this week. They’re 10th.”

Assuming that weather does not cause another spike, it’s likely that demand will calm down and keep prices low for now.