Kansas Guard Heads To Louisiana

Soldiers and airmen from the Kansas National Guard are being deployed to Louisiana to provide support in and around areas affected by Hurricane Ida.

The Guardsmen are deploying as part of an Emergency Management Assistance Compact, a multistate agreement that allows states to send government aid to other states in emergency situations.

Approximately 280 soldiers and airmen will deploy for the mission, which is expected to last 21 days, including travel.

The deploying soldiers and airmen are members of a Kansas Army National Guard Brigade from Manhattan; a Battalion from Hutchinson; a Company from Wichita; a Battalion from Olathe; a Support Group from Wichita; a Battalion from Iola; and members of Kansas Air National Guard Wings from Wichita and Topeka.

The Guardsmen will be taking engineering equipment such as skid steers, dump trucks, chain saws, and excavators.