Kansas House Leader Hospitalized With Coronavirus

A top state legislator was hospitalized last month after testing positive for COVID-19, and didn’t disclose it to colleagues until later.

Kansas House Speaker Ron Ryckman Junior’s delayed acknowledgment of his hospitalization – in an email to fellow House Republicans after the primary election – concerned colleagues.

Governor Laura Kelly called his decision to attend a July 29 meeting at the Statehouse “reckless and dangerous.”

Ryckman said that he tested positive on July 13, began showing symptoms that evening, and was hospitalized for about a week starting July 16.

He said he remained isolated, both at home and in the hospital and was cleared by a doctor to attend of the State Finance Council on July 29.

Ryckman said his personal precautions went beyond state and federal COVID-19 guidelines, and that he chose to share his story to help reduce the stigma faced by people who’ve been infected.