Kansas Man Charged With Threatening President

A Kansas man has been charged with making threats to kill President Joe Biden, authorities say.

Scott Ryan Merryman, 37, of Independence, Kansas; was arrested last week.

Merryman was arrested after he traveled from his home to Maryland.

Merryman called police in Independence last Tuesday and said he was on his way to see the president, federal authorities said.

When a Secret Service agent called him last Wednesday, Merryman said God told him to travel to Washington to “lop off the head of the serpent in the heart of the nation.”

“Merryman denied that the serpent was the President, but stated that he had information about the Book of Revelation that he was being instructed by God to give to the President,” the agent wrote.

U.S Judge Pamela Sargent spoke of arranging for Merryman to get a mental health evaluation.