Kansas: More Bang For The Buck In Rentals

Renters are feeling the pain of the housing crisis, with record-breaking rental prices making it more difficult than ever to save for a home. But which metro areas will break the bank on your next move?

With median U.S. rent recently surpassing $2,000 a month, the lawn care website Lawn Love compared 185 rental markets to determine 2022’s Most Expensive Metro Areas to Rent.

Perhaps to no one’s surprise, five of the most expensive metro areas for rent are in California, four of them are in Florida, and the most expensive overall is the New York City metro area.

Of the 185 areas examined nationwide, the most expensive city in Kansas was Lawrence, coming in at number 134.

Next was the Kansas City metro area at number 151, with Wichita coming in at number 173.

Coming in at number 178 – and the eighth least-expensive rents in the country – was Topeka.