Kansas Non-Profit Sending Aid to Ukraine

A Kansas nonprofit is sending medical supplies to Ukraine after hearing alarming accounts of a hospital in Kyiv low on treatments and basic tools.

The Kansas City Star reports that Olathe-based Global Care Force raised $21,000 to bring resources overseas.

Brenda Poor, a spokeswoman for the organization. said the packages were stuffed into seven large suitcases and checked onto a plane to Warsaw, Poland, alongside the non-profit’s director of operations.

The group has multiple plans for transporting the supplies – which include thousands of doses of antibiotics – over the border.

Scott Oberkrom, the group’s president, said, “We have option A option B and an option C – we’re just crossing our fingers that the first option is what’s going to work.”

The organization launched in 2020 as COVID Care Force, and garnered a wide network of donors and nearly 1,500 volunteers.

In September 2021 it began transitioning to help hospitals overseas under the name of Global Care Force.