With the U.S. government closed for business for the 21st time since 1976, this time with a partial shutdown, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on the States Most & Least Affected by the 2019 Government Shutdown.

“Kansas, fortunately, is one of the least affected states here,” said WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez. “It ranked 45th out of all 50 states and D.C. That’s good news for anyone who either works for the federal government, which is not too common in Kansas or anyone receiving benefits from the federal government, like Social Security or SNAP.”

Even though this is just a partial shutdown, the criteria WalletHub used is consistent.

“We still look at share of federal jobs, federal contract dollars per capita,” said Gonzalez. “A lot of these federal contractors are some of the most affected. None of those are really too common in Kansas. The share of federal jobs is actually less than two percent. In other states, it’s more than double that.”

There is one area where Kansas does get hurt by the partial shutdown.

“Mortgage processing, a lot of people don’t realize is going to be affected by staffing shortages in the IRS, the FHA, the VA,” said Gonzalez. “Anyone looking for a new home at the beginning of the new year is going to be out of luck. That’s where Kansas seems to be the most affected.”

Data used to create this ranking were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, usaspending.gov, National Association of Realtors and National Park Service.