Kansas Not Getting as Much Vaccine as Thought

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has learned that the number of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines slated for delivery next week will be smaller than expected.

Approximately 16,500 doses are scheduled to arrive next week, rather than the estimated 100,000 that had initially been indicated.

According to national reports, the full supply of vaccine expected from J&J has been delayed due to production issues, and may not be ready to ship until the second or third week of April.

In an attempt to boost the Johnson & Johnson supply, Merck – another international pharmaceutical company – has agreed to help manufacture Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Kansas is receiving an increase in Pfizer Prime doses 47,970 and 38,100 Pfizer Boost, along with 27,800 Moderna Prime and 27,800 Moderna Boost.