Kansas Police Officer 3D prints PPE masks during COVID-19 shortage

Local police officer, Paul Fernkopf, is using his skills in CAD design to create PPE masks for first responders in our area.

“As a hobby, I am a “maker” in that I use CAD and design different ideas that I can print with my four (4) 3D printers,” Fernkopf said. “During the COVID-19 Pandemic, and when it became apparent our current PPE supply was not going to be enough, I researched ideas that others around the world had for the use of 3D printers and PPE. I found a mask that someone else had designed and overall I liked how it turned out. I was going to print this design for my colleagues, family, and neighbors. I found out that Kansas, overall, is running low on PPE.”

Fernkopf met with the Chief Medical Officer and COVID-19 Incident Commander of the local branch of KU Medical Center to present his ideas.

“The staff reviewed the mask and in this very same meeting, I was told to start printing as many as I could,” Fernkopf said.

KU Medical Center has purchased additional printers for him to create more masks that will be given to EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement officers at no cost to them.  But, Fernkopf is seeking donations from the public to get the necessary materials to make as many masks as he can.

If you would like to make a donation, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/topeka-kansas-covid-3d-primted-masks-ppe.