Kansas Property Taxes Slightly Lower Than Nationwide Average

Taxes are something that most people aren’t fond of.

And because people have different ideas, taxes are done differently from state to state.

Now a new study has found that in the realm of property taxes, Kansans are a little better off than the nationwide average.

The overall mix of state and local revenue sources looks different across the nation.

For example, nine states have no state income tax, while five have no state sales tax.

A report by Porch.com, a website that assists homeowners, shows that the nationwide average for property taxes as a share of government revenue is 16.6 percent.

Kansas is slightly lower than that, at 16.3 percent.

At the extremes, New Hampshire gets more than one-third of their income from property taxes, while Alabama’s property taxes account for only 6.9 percent of state income.