Kansas Ranks As One of Most Affordable States

If you live in Kansas, congratulations! You live in one of the affordable states in the country, according to a new study.

One of the biggest factors pressuring household finances since the pandemic began has been a rapid increase in the cost of housing.

The homeowner website Porch conducted a study to compare housing costs, along with other factors, across the fifty states.

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, four states – Hawaii, New Jersey, California, and New York – have typical overall prices more than 10% above the national average, while five others – Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, and Kentucky – have prices more than 10% below the average.

Kansas has an overall cost of living 7.6% below the national average.

Kansas housing was 28.3% lower than the national average, and consumer goods cost 4.3% less.

The one place Kansas was higher than average was in utility costs, which were 14.1% higher than the national average.