Kansas Ranks High in Healthcare Preparation

A national survey shows Kansas as ranking high in being one of the states most prepared going into the coronavirus pandemic.

Overall, Kansas ranked eighth in the country in preparedness.

Ranking which states were most prepared, the personal-finance website WalletHub has released its report on the “States with the Best Health Infrastructure for Coronavirus”.

To identify which states have the best health infrastructure, WalletHub compares the 50 states across 14 key metrics.

The data set ranges from the state’s “Public Health Emergency Preparedness funding per capita” to the share of the population that is uninsured, and the number of hospital beds per capita.

Rankings show Kansas being:

  • 19th in Public Health Emergency Preparedness Funding Per Capita
  • 6th in Public Hospital System Quality
  • 6th in Number of Hospital Beds per Capita
  • 27th in Share of Uninsured Population
  • 15th in Emergency Centers and Services per Capita