Kansas Representative Banned From KDOL Buildings

A first-year Kansas lawmaker has been banned from a state agency’s offices over alleged “disruptive, intimidating, and berating behavior,” eight months after receiving a written warning from a legislative committee about his conduct before taking office.

It wasn’t clear that Democratic state Representative Aaron Coleman of Kansas City would face a House investigation into the incident that prompted the Kansas Department of Labor to ban him from its buildings.

Coleman said in a YouTube video that he was trying to help constituents deal with the state’s unemployment system.

Shultz’s letter was a formal notice to Coleman of the ban, and that he could face criminal trespassing charges if he attempted to enter any of the department’s buildings.

The letter accused Coleman of trying to gain entry improperly to the department’s main office through a secured employee entry, and speaking in “a loud and demanding tone” to a security officer.

The letter described Coleman as “agitated.”