The State of Kansas continues to see more money roll in, compared to the same month of the last fiscal year.

October’s total tax receipts were an 11.7% over the estimate.

That is 7.9%, or $43.6 million, more than October of Fiscal Year 2020.

Individual income tax collections were a 9.1% increase from the estimate.

That is 9.1%, or $23.6 million, more than collected in October last year.

Corporate income tax collections were 74.0% more than estimated, with $26.1 million collected.

Retail sales tax collections were up $13.0 million from the estimate, with $211.0 million collected.

Those collections are 5.1% more than the same month last fiscal year.

Compensating use tax collections were $50.7 million – 21.6% more than the previous October.

The Consensus Revenue Estimating Group meets Friday to discuss the economic outlook of the state and the State General Fund.