Kansas River Turning Red

Have you seen the Kansas River running red lately?

There’s no cause for concern – it’s just the U.S. Geological Survey at work.

USGS scientists and partners are injecting a harmless, bright red fluorescent dye into the Kansas River at numerous locations.

The study is being done in cooperation with the City of Lawrence, City of Manhattan, City of Olathe, City of Topeka, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Kansas Water Office, and other groups to provide a better understanding of how quickly water flows from one location to another.

Water-resource managers use this information to respond to potential critical events, such as blooms or spills that may make the water unsafe.

Several dye-tracing experiments have been conducted along the Kansas River as part of this study starting in September of 2020.

The red dye will be measured using instruments in the stream.

The study will consist of multiple injections of dye into the river during low, medium, and high flow conditions at Manhattan, Topeka, and Eudora.