Kansas Senate: Drop Drop Boxes

A proposal approved by the Kansas Senate would cut the number of voter’s drop boxes statewide by more than 40% from the 2020 elections.

The Kansas Senate passed its bill 22-17, sending it to the state House for consideration.

Counties could have no more than one box for every 30,000 registered voters.

All but 10 of the state’s 105 counties don’t have that many.

Forty-eight of the state’s counties would have to cut back on their drop boxes.

They would lose 80 of the 191 boxes deployed in 2020.

During debate, senators added a provision to require counties to staff each box – something that could further discourage their use.

Drop boxes would have to remain locked when the county elections office is closed.

Many were unlocked around-the-clock in 2020.

Kansas Republican Secretary of State Scott Schwab said that drop boxes are more secure than using the U.S. mail, which for Kansas communities is processed outside the state.