Kansas Senate Majority Leader Ousted From Position

Republicans have ousted a powerful Kansas lawmaker charged with drunken driving from his leadership job following the release of a document saying he taunted the Highway Patrol trooper who arrested him and called the officer “donut boy.”

Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop’s removal was the first time in at least several decades that a Kansas legislative leader’s colleagues pushed someone out before the end of their term.

Republican senators voted 22-4 to remove Suellentrop during a 50-minute meeting that was closed to reporters and the public.

Suellentrop will remain in the seat for his Wichita district.

Senate President Ty Masterson said whether Suellentrop retains the seat is up to his constituents.

Kansas law limits the grounds for a recall to a felony conviction, misconduct in office, or “failure to perform duties prescribed by law.”

Constituents seeking to recall Suellentrop would have to file petitions signed by more than 3,900 registered voters in his district.