Kansas Slashes Vaccine Request

Kansas has requested less than 9% of its federal allocation of COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Governor Laura Kelly’s office said that the state asked for fewer than 14,000 vaccine doses for the week, out of a federal allotment of almost 162,000.

While the state sought its full allotment of 6,400 doses of a one-shot vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson, it requested only 7,510 doses of its allocation of 155,540 doses of two-shot vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna.

Kansas has seen its vaccination rate slow in recent weeks.

It peaked at an average of 29,380 shots a day for the seven days ending April 6th, and averaged only 11,872 for the seven days ending last Wednesday, according to state Department of Health and Environment data.

Kelly spokeswoman Reeves Oyster said the state ordered less than its allotment to ensure that no vaccine goes to waste.