Kansas Speaks: State on Right Track, Kelly Okay, Medicaid Expansion Supported

The annual Kansas Speaks survey has been released and Kansans appear to be generally happy with how things are going in the state.

“A majority of respondents felt Kansas was on the right track,” said Jian Sun, Ph.D from Fort Hays State University. “Also, a lot of people felt the state economy was at least good.”

77.4% of respondents felt Kansas was on the right track. 31.1% of respondents felt that the Kansas economy was getting better in the last 12 months, 48.9% felt that it stayed the same.

“Governor Kelly actually received the highest satisfaction among respondents,” said Sun. “About 52% of respondents were satisfied with Governor Kelly.”

The support of Kansans for Medicaid expansion has not wavered, either.

“62% of respondents supported expanding Medicaid in Kansas,” said Sun. “60% of respondents agreed that Kansans who might obtain health insurance from expanding Medicaid deserve this benefit from the state. We also found high agreement that expanding Medicaid would help rural Kansas hospitals
remain in business.”

66.3% of those surveyed believe Medicaid expansion will help rural hospitals.