Kansas struggles with Pre-K, WalletHub says

Kansas struggles in comparison to other states when it comes to early childhood education, according to new data from the personal finance website Wallethub.

“Kansas has the sixth-worst early education system in the country,”
said analyst Jill Gonzalez. “That mostly comes down to the quality
and the resources and economic support it has there. Both of those
categories came in third to last.”

Kansas struggled to meet many Pre-K quality benchmarks.

“Everything from early learning and development standards to curriculum supports down to child ratio, hearing and health screenings, all of those things, to see if they were in place or not,”
Gonzalez said. “More of those things could be in place statewide in
Kansas. We also looked to see if there was an income requirement for state Pre-K eligibility and if there was a requirement of school safety plans and audits, which in Kansas, there is not.”

On a pure access measure, however, Kansas does okay.

“In terms of access, that’s not really a problem,” said Gonzalez. “Most school districts offer state Pre-K. There are a good amount of three and four-year-olds enrolled in state Pre-K, or in Pre-K special
education and Head Start programs.”

Kansas neighbor, Nebraska, had the best Pre-K system, according to