Kansas Supreme Court Upholds Murder Conviction

Kansas’ top court on Friday upheld the first-degree murder convictions of man sentenced to 150 years in prison over a triple homicide in Kansas City, Kansas.

The state Supreme Court unanimously rejected arguments from an attorney for MonDale Douglas that the judge gave flawed instructions to the jury in his trial, and that a new trial was warranted because a prosecutor appeared during closing arguments to express a personal opinion that Douglas was the killer.

Douglas, now 31, was convicted of the fatal April 2018 shootings of 51-year-old Edward Rawlins, 46-year-old David Rawlins and 40-year-old Addrin Coats.

A woman called police after seeing one of the victim’s bodies.

Arriving officers found the other victims inside.

The Supreme Court said the trial’s outcome would not have changed because of the prosecutor’s remark, or because the judge didn’t tell jurors they could convict Douglas of a lesser crime.

Justice Dan Biles wrote that “overwhelming evidence” supported the verdict.