The Climate Prediction Center came out with their 30 and 90 day weather outlooks on Thursday and Kansas could have a cooler and wetter summer if the forecast holds to form.

The 30 day temperature outlook, for July, shows below normal temperatures expected across most of Kansas. The exception is far western Kansas where normal temperatures are expected. The below normal temperatures cover most of Oklahoma and Nebraska along with all of Missouri, Iowa and into a good portion of the corn belt.



Precipitation for July is expected to be above normal across Kansas. The above normal precipitation area extends south covering all of Oklahoma and portions of the Texas panhandle and north central Texas. All of Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, most of the northern plains, northern rocky mountains and a good portion of the corn belt.



The 90 day temperature forecast, for July through September shows below normal temperatures across Kansas, a good portion of Oklahoma, the eastern three-quarters of Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa and a good portion of the western belt.



The 90 day precipitation outlook, for July through September, calls for above normal precipitation across Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, NW Arkansas, the Texas Panhandle, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and covering a good portion of the Rocky Mountains.


Source: Climate Prediction Center