Kansas unemployment rate decreases

The unemployment rate in Kansas fell a little bit from July to August.

Preliminary estimates reported by the Labor Market Information Services division of the Kansas Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics show a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 6.9 percent in August.

This was a decrease from 7.2 percent in July, but an increase from 3.1 percent in August of 2019.

Seasonally adjusted job estimates indicate total Kansas nonfarm jobs increased by 9,300 from July.

Private sector jobs, a subset of total nonfarm jobs, increased by 5,500 from the previous month, while government jobs increased by 3,800.

Since August 2019, Kansas seasonally adjusted total nonfarm jobs have declined by 61,400.

This change is due to a decrease of 53,800 private sector jobs and 7,600 government jobs.

Since April, total nonfarm jobs have increased by 74,900, or a little more than half of jobs lost during March and April.