KCC Says Energy Industry Not the Cause of Quakes

The Kansas Corporation Commission has completed an investigation into whether the recent string of earthquakes occurring in the Wichita area are related to oil and gas industry activity.

The KCC regulates oil and gas production and exploration in the state.

Ryan Hoffman, Director of the KCC Conservation Division, says that based on the investigation, the earthquakes are not tied to any oil and gas activities in the area.

The KCC’s investigation examined many factors.

They reviewed historical disposal well records for injection wells within a six-mile radius of the earthquakes.

They looked to see if there was any new drilling activity within three miles of the epicenters.

No new wells were recently completed within the area.

There were also spot checks of the wells within the radius area to verify compliance with permit conditions.

The KCC will continue to monitor the situation, and consult with the Kansas Geological Survey and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as necessary.