KCK School Dropping Mascot

A Kansas City, Kansas, middle school will drop its Apaches mascot name as part of a district-wide review of mascot names that are potentially offensive.

District spokesman Edwin Birch said a renaming committee was appointed last fall to review several mascots that could be considered culturally or ethnically insensitive, The Kansas City Star reported.

The committee decided to first focus on changing the Apaches mascot at Arrowhead Middle School.

Birch noted the Apache tribe was not from the Kansas City region, and the mascot could be considered as “stereotyping Native peoples as aggressive or savages” or “treating Natives as a cartoon or something to not take seriously.”

The school had already phased out imagery of the mascot, which he said was another reason to change it.

Birch said that the district will choose a possible replacement name, and then gather public feedback on the change.