KDOL Facebook Scam Reported

The Kansas Department of Labor says that scammers have come up with a new approach, aimed at those trying to file unemployment insurance claims.

Here’s the way the scam works:

On the Labor Department’s own Facebook page, a scammer will post a comment on a KDOL post, claiming that they are a department employee, and they can help people in getting their unemployment insurance.

These are not department employees – they’re people attempting to get personal information of victims, such as their personal benefits account information.

The department says that any communications with them will only be done through official email addresses – those ending with @ks.gov – or by phone, which will be 785-296-5000, or similar.

They ask that if you have had any communications with a page or profile claiming to be a department employee:

  • STOP all communications with them.
  • Take screenshots of your conversations.
  • DO NOT give them any further information or details about your claim.
  • Report the page/profile to Facebook.
  • Report the incident to the KDOL fraud team at [email protected].