KDOT getting ready for winter weather, drivers need to prepare to give room

With freezing precipitation and snow in the forecast, the Kansas Department of Transportation is training its employees to get back in the saddle for this season.

“During the month of October, we have winter training classes that go on in each of the districts,” said KDOT Maintenance Bureau Chief Clay Adams Tuesday. In fact, we have training going on in the Topeka area and the Hutchinson area.”

All KDOT storage facilities across the state are filled with a total of about 200,000 tons of salt and sand.

“We have to kind of see if it’s going to start out as rain, or if it’s going to start out as a dry snow, or if it’s going to start out as a wet, heavy snow,” said Adams. “We react differently depending on what the forecast is.”

KDOT trucks have been struck by motorists in past winters. Those accidents put people in danger and take trucks out of commission.

“That is a very important point to make,” said Adams. “The travelers need to watch out for our trucks. Give us room to do our work. Give us room. Don’t get too close behind us, especially if the visibility is

In February, five snowplows were hit in the Kansas City metro area in less than 24 hours.