KDOT Highlights Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign

The holiday season is a time for friends, family, and co-workers to come together in celebration, but if you’re going to drive, do so sober.

“We certainly look at the influx of, whether it be illicit drugs or prescription drugs,” said Chris Bortz with the Kansas Department of Transportation. “The drugged driver can certainly be charged with impaired driving. Once again, make those good decisions and don’t get behind the wheel.”

Officers have been trained to look for more than just drunk driving when they are on Kansas roads.

“Law enforcement is really good at detecting the impaired driver,” said Bortz. “When we talk to law enforcement, some of the big keys that they’ll look for are somebody who is not maintaining a lane. Maybe somebody who is driving at night with no headlights. Maybe they are speeding or maybe they are ultimately going way, way too slow because they’re totally confused.”

If you don’t know you can drive safely, don’t drive. Get a designated driver, use Uber or Lyft or even sleep it off, if necessary.

“The point of getting in your vehicle is to get to your destination safely,” said Bortz. “Certainly, when you bring impaired driving into that, you’re impacting not only yourself, but everyone else on the road, too.”

Drunk-driving crashes claimed 613 lives in the Midwest alone in 2018.