KDOT stepping up impaired driving enforcement through Labor Day

The Kansas Department of Transportation is working together with local law enforcement across the state and the Kansas Highway Patrol between now and Labor Day to curb impaired driving.

“We certainly don’t want anybody to drive impaired at any time,” said Chris Bortz with KDOT. “During this period, there is going to be additional enforcement out there on the roads looking for that
impaired driver.”

It’s not worth it on so many levels to drink and drive.

“If you’re going to be drinking, establish a sober driver,” said Bortz. “It’s not the person who has drank the least in your group. You need a sober driver to get home. If you have opportunities to use rideshare, those are decisions you can make early on.”

The grant for the additional enforcement comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“There are some select counties across the state that will be doing what’s called no refusal,” said Bortz. “Basically, if someone refuses, law enforcement will work with their local prosecutors and they will get a search warrant for a blood draw on that individual. If we’ve gotten to that point, the officer has probable cause that the person is impaired behind the wheel. These are not just random things.”

Even if you’re at a friend’s house and didn’t bring a driver or can’t afford an Uber, ask to stay and sleep it off if you need to, but don’t drive impaired.