Keep Life $ensible Program Designed to Create Confidence in Consumers

The new Keep Life $ensible Program from Housing and Credit Counseling is designed to take the stigma out of talking about money.

“People are telling us, I didn’t learn about this in school, or I didn’t learn about this from my family,” said Marilyn Stanley, Executive Director of Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. “Money is such a private thing. People just aren’t comfortable talking about it. My vision is that, one day, wouldn’t it be great if we could all just talk about money like it was eating your lunch.”

The Office of the State Bank Commissioner is sponsoring the program.

“The primary function of the Office of the State Bank Commissioner is probably regulatory,” said Dana Branam, Director of Consumer Affairs for OSBC. “However, another very important part of our mission is to protect and educate consumers. Consumer education funds are one way that we are able to do that.”

Class topics will address credit scores and credit reports, budgeting using apps and other tracking tools, debt payment including student loan repayment options and medical debt, a no sales pitch view of banking options, tips to make sense of car buying – new, used or leased, classes about home ownership and others.

“Knowledge helps build confidence,” said Stanley. “It allows you to feel empowered, to be able to ask the right questions. If you know even the basics and a little beyond that you can feel more comfortable to take on those kinds of things.”

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