Three Kansas State University students briefly unveiled banners at the Kansas Statehouse on Wednesday morning looking for progress on Medicaid expansion. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly believes that progress can happen.

“Right off the bat, I presented a Medicaid expansion plan, which is pretty much what the House passed,” said Governor Kelly Wednesday. “It’s now over in the Senate. Unfortunately, in the House, it was not able to go through the usual committee process, debate on the floor, vote on it. Instead, a procedure had to be used on the floor to get it out for debate, it did pass. I expect that we might see some of the same on the Senate side.”

It’s still Governor Kelly’s hope that the Senate can use regular processes, if possible.

“We are working with leadership on the Senate side to get them to let it go through the usual process,” said Kelly. “If that doesn’t occur, I have no doubt that there are folks trying to figure out a way to bring it up for a vote.”

Kelly said, as long as there aren’t substantive changes, she would sign the bill.

“Yes, I’m very comfortable with what the House passed,” said Kelly. “A lot of it is what I presented. They made some amendments that we talked about beforehand and I’m comfortable with those.”

The Kansas Legislature will take a three-week break after next week’s sessions.