Kelly Vetoes Transgender Sports, “Parents’ Bill of Rights” Measures

Democratic Governor Laura Kelly has vetoed conservative Republicans’ proposed ban on transgender athletes in girls’ and women’s sports, and a GOP proposal aimed at making it easier for parents to try to remove materials from public school classrooms and libraries.

While conservatives don’t appear able to enact the proposals over Kelly’s vetoes, the measure on transgender athletes and the education bill that Republicans call a proposed “parents’ bill of rights” are likely to be issues in Kelly’s race for reelection this year.

In her veto messages to lawmakers, Kelly suggested that politics drove their consideration.

She called the measure “divisive,” and said it would hurt the state’s ability to attract businesses.

Supporters of the ban argue that they’re trying to preserve scholarship opportunities for young women.

The education bill Kelly vetoed would require local school boards to develop policies for allowing parents to review classroom and library materials, and handling demands that they be removed.