The State of Kansas has a new Governor. Governor Laura Kelly took the oath of office Monday at 11:42 a.m. on the south steps of the Kansas Statehouse.

I’m humbled and proud to stand here today,” said Kelly. “To lead this great state we love. To begin to turn the page and bring about a new chapter in the inspiring story of Kansas. We gather at this unique moment in America’s history, as the very values that shape our very foundation are being tested. The ideals that bind us are being strained, and sometimes it can feel like the forces of division are succeeding. But it’s at these very moments, when we’re being tested the most, Kansans always shine. It’s who we are.”

Kelly called for the people of Kansas to come together, regardless of party.

“We must forge a new chapter in our story, starting today,” said Kelly. There’s so much that connects us as Kansans. We want the same basic things. We want to know that our hard work will be respected. Not just with a pat on the back, but with a fair and livable wage and a chance to grow.”

Kelly said that coming together starts with education.

“Schools are the center of our communities. Strong schools unlock the doors of opportunity in a changing economy. Strong schools ignore the circumstances a child is born into and put that child on equal footing. A quality education is what we cherish as Kansans,” said Kelly. Our school teachers aren’t line items on a budget; they’re pillars of our communities.”

The first issue for Governor Kelly will be making sure that the Kansas Supreme Court’s order to fix the inflation factor in the school finance formula is dealt with through the legislative process. She’ll get to work on that as part of her budget proposal later this week.