Kids encouraged to participate in International Walk to School Day Wednesday

Wednesday, October 2, is International Walk to School Day.

“It’s really a day to raise awareness about pedestrian safety,” said Cherie Sage with Safe Kids Kansas. “We’re encouraging safe walking environments to school.”

If you live close enough, walking is an option. That’s something not all kids understand.

“Kids don’t walk to school like they did a generation or two ago,” said Sage. “This is really a way to encourage getting that physical activity incorporated into your every day routine, walking to school if you can. Not everybody can.”

If kids are walking, no matter their age, they need to pay attention.

“We want to teach kids safe pedestrian behavior,” said Sage. “This is not just talking to your little kids about how to look left, right, left again and cross only at the corners and all of that, but also, talk to your older kids. Now, with cellphones, not only do we have distracted drivers, we have distracted pedestrians. Teach kids, heads up, phones down, when you come to a crossing in the street or in a parking lot.”

Check with your local district to see if they are participating. The website with official entries is at