Killer Asks Court to Vacate Death Sentence

An avowed anti-Semite who shot three people to death at two Overland Park Jewish sites in 2014 is asking the Kansas Supreme Court to overturn his death sentence, saying he should not have been allowed to represent himself at trial.

Frazier Glenn Miller Junior was convicted of one count of capital murder, three counts of attempted murder, and assault and weapons charges in August 2015.

Miller’s attorneys argue that the judge did not consider whether Miller had mental health issues that would make him incompetent to represent himself in a complex capital case.

Miller testified during trial that he drove to the Kansas City area to kill Jews before he died.

He said at the time that he didn’t expect to live long because he had chronic emphysema.

During the trial, Miller frequently interrupted proceedings with outbursts aimed at the judge, jury and prosecutor.

In his closing arguments during the penalty phase, Miller spent nearly an hour complaining that Jewish people were running the government, media and Federal Reserve.

He yelled “Heil Hitler” when he was sentenced to death.