Kobach releases second video on Youtube

Kris Kobach released another campaign video on Youtube Monday.

This video turns its attention to Planned Parenthood. Kobach talks about court battles that have been joined by the organization over showing ultrasounds to women before abortions.

“We’re told Planned Parenthood is for choice,” Kobach said. “They certainly aren’t for informed choice. Planned Parenthood wants the women to know as little as possible.”

Kobach then calls out Republicans.

“As a male, I’m told I can’t talk about abortion,” said Kobach. “What I can talk about are the lies told over and over again by the liberal politicians. They tell us we have to keep our faith out of the public square, but what they really want kept out of the public square are the facts and the figures and especially the images. As a Party, we’ve been too timid for too long. We talk a good game, but we’ve done too little. The truth can kill this industry, but only if lawmakers are willing to stand up and tell it.”

Kobach is running as a Republican for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Pat Roberts when he retires.

Image courtesy: Youtube