Kobach seeking Senate seat to advance President Trump’s agenda

Former Kansas Secretary of State Republican Kris Kobach believes he’s the man to take the U.S. Senate seat that Pat Roberts is vacating in 2020.

“Our Constitution’s at stake right now,” Kobach said Tuesday. “We’re one vote on the Supreme Court away from losing our Second Amendment rights, from losing our religious free expression rights. I was a Constitutional Law professor for 15 years and I think I have something to add there. Our Senator from Kansas needs to be more than just a Republican. He needs to be a Constitutionalist well versed on these issues.”

Kobach, who has advised President Donald Trump on immigration policy, has ideas for solutions that can be implemented even before a wall can be finished.

“The biggest driver of the current crisis at the southern border is that the majority of these caravan migrants, these illegal aliens from Central America, the majority of them are falsely claiming asylum, or they’re claiming asylum for a reason that doesn’t merit asylum,” said Kobach. “They’re saying, I have crime in my neighborhood. That, historically and under international law, is not a basis for asylum.”

There is a policy change President Trump can make.

“He can get what’s called a third-country agreement with Mexico, like we have with Canada,” said Kobach. “That’s just an agreement that says, if somebody goes through one of our two countries and then claims asylum in the second country, they can’t do that. They’re sent back to the first country. That would mean people walking all the way through Mexico, then claiming asylum in America, when Mexico is perfectly safe, would have to go back and claim asylum in Mexico.”

Kobach doesn’t think Trump has someone in the Senate to carry his agenda. That’s another reason why he’s running. For more information on the campaign, go to kriskobach.com.