The Blue Ribbon Bullying Task Force has released its recommendations to help with the bullying problem in Kansas schools.

“Any act, if it’s severe, pervasive, or persistent enough, could be bullying,” said Kent Reed with the Kansas State Department of Education.

It’s important for those who are being bullied, even through social media, to let authorities know so they can act.

If something happens on the weekend, that’s on the weekend, but, if Monday morning, it shows up in your building in one fashion or another, then schools are going to have to address that,” said Reed. “We really need to have a plan to work with parents and families regarding social media and we need to have a plan with students.”

If a confrontation gets physical, that’s a different matter.

“We’re going to call the school resource officer and we’re going to call the county attorney and we’re going to move that situation into the juvenile justice system,” said Reed. “It goes beyond bullying. It’s a criminal act.”

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