KSHSAA Waits for More Information on High School Sports Start Time

In an ever changing world that we live in, we will have to wait for a decision on high school sports in the state of Kansas.

KSHSAA had an Executive Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday and they covered a lot of ground while also wanting to get more information.

Each school district will decide when and how they will start school as the KSDE voted against the Executive Order from Governor Kelly.

That means each school will set their own guidelines for when school can start and when athletics can start.

KSHSAA did decide today that a student in virtual learning can be eligible for KSHSAA related activity. Meaning if they are not in class at school they can still participate in sports in the fall.

That decision was the key one made on Wednesday’s BOD meeting.

When will schools start up sports, that is to-be-determined, thus when fall practice starts is also to-be-determined.  They are wanting more information and are wanting feedback from the superintendents and school boards.

They will send out a survey to send out to find what times, dates, and how each respective school will be handling learning this fall.

Right now schools can have off-season conditioning as long as they continue to maintain social distance and adhere to the guidelines released on May 1st.