KU Crime Up

Reported crimes were up on the University of Kansas Lawrence campus, according to statistics released by the KU Public Safety Office.

However, there is a reason for the jump.

KU Public Safety took reports of 474 criminal offenses on campus in 2021, which is a 41% increase from 2020, but down 2% from 2019 stats.

Property crimes, such as theft and criminal damage to property, continued to make up the greatest number of offenses reported on campus.

Violent crimes, such as rape and aggravated battery, were also reported, but were a smaller percentage of the overall crime total.

Chief of Police Nelson Mosley said the number of reported crimes was not surprising considering the number of people who have returned to campus for in-person learning.

Mosley said, “The numbers reflect that more people were back to living on campus, and that KU returned to a more pre-pandemic level of activities in 2021.”