KU Fans Warned of Scams

KU fans preparing to head to New Orleans for the college basketball tournament this week are being warned about booking accommodations in the Big Easy.

With most fans booking on short notice, hotel options may be sparse.

Some people will try Airbnb – and that company has put out some booking advice.

Scammers often attempt to take advantage of people exploiting the brands of trusted companies.

For example, Airbnb has recently seen a rise in scammers who attempt to entice guests to book on third-party websites that are not a part of Airbnb, and claim that the rental is managed by Airbnb or mock up what appears to be an Airbnb page to lend credibility.

In reality, the page is fake, the home does not exist, but by the time the consumer realizes this, the money is gone.

To avoid being scammed, use the company’s homepage – be it Airbnb, a hotel, or an agency like Travelocity, Hotwire, or Kayak.