KU Football Player Says He was Paid to Leave

A former University of Kansas football player says the university offered him more than $50,000 in benefits if he stayed quiet about harassment.

The Kansas City Star reports that Caperton Humphrey said the feud he had with several teammates included a confrontation between Humphrey and the other players in his apartment when the players threatened him and two family members.

Humphrey said he told university officials about the harassment, and that he had seen some of the other players selling drugs.

Humphrey said that the university offered to pay his tuition and his monthly stipend (sty-pend) of almost thirteen hundred dollars if he took online KU classes from his home in West Virginia and agreed not to talk about what happened.

The university also agreed to reimburse him for his trip home, and pay to ship his belongings to him.

Those items were worth a little over $50,000.