KU Med Pauses Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

The University of Kansas Medical Center and Children’s Mercy Hospital have halted a clinical trial of a COVID-19 vaccine after a participant in the United Kingdom developed an adverse reaction.

The Kansas News Service reports that pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which developed the vaccine along with the University of Oxford, said that it had put Phase 3 testing of the vaccine on hold while it conducts a safety review of the data.

KU Med Center and Children’s Mercy are leading the local effort to test the vaccine, known as AZD122.

The Phase 3 trial in the U.S. began last month, and involves 62 sites across the country.

During Phase 3 of a clinical trial, the vaccine is given to thousands of volunteers to see how many become infected compared with volunteers who receive a placebo.

AstraZeneca hopes to enroll 30,000 people in its Phase 3 trials in the United States.

The KU/Children’s Mercy trial was looking to recruit 1,500 participants.