KU Not Automatically Sharing Fraternity Info With Police

The University of Kansas suspended two fraternities for hazing earlier this month, but officials don’t plan to share their investigation with police.

Phi Gamma Delta and Phi Delta Theta were both suspended from campus for five years because of the incidents university officials found.

KU spokeswoman Erinn Barcomb-Peterson told the Lawrence Journal-World, “We will not take control away from a victim by triggering a criminal investigation the victim does not want.”

In investigative reports the university did release, officials said a pledge in the Phi Gamma Delta house suffered a concussion after being thrown against a locker.

Pledges were also forced to sleep in beds covered in vomit, urine, and trash.

A report also said that members of Phi Delta Theta routinely went through pledges’ rooms, broke personal items, and threw pillows and mattresses from windows.