KU starts classes next week, and the vice provost for student affairs, Tammara Durham, has cautioned incoming students that the university will be strictly enforcing its coronavirus mitigation policies.

Durham wrote an email to students, telling them that KU will be enforcing the COVID-19 policies in a zero-tolerance way.

She says the policies apply to all students, whether they’re living in KU housing, live off campus, commute, or attend classes online.

Addressing the students, she wrote, “We trust you to make good decisions to protect yourself and others, but please be aware we will enforce a zero-tolerance policy for behavior that does not conform to safety guidelines.”

Durham said that enforcement could include a campus ban or suspension from KU.

Just as they did when tobacco products were banned on campus, officials are encouraging people to report non-compliance.

The website where they can do that is unmasked.ku.edu

KU is providing COVID-19 testing for all students, faculty, and staff at no cost.