KU to Require Use of App to Enter Campus Buildings

Getting into a building on the KU campus this fall?

There’s an app for that.

KU will reopen to students, faculty, and staff this fall by requiring them to use a mobile health app to check for symptoms of the COVID-19 virus before allowing them in campus buildings.

Users can use the CVKey app to conduct a self-assessment of their COVID-19 health status at home, and then generate a QR code to access to campus buildings.

By using the app, individuals do not have to disclose personal health information.

The self-assessment and health-related information are strictly confined to the user’s mobile device.

No personal health data is shared or stored outside the mobile device.

The only information the QR code provides is a simple yes or no as to whether a person’s health assessment meets the criteria to enter the building that day.

The app cannot be used for other functions, such as location tracking or contact tracing.